This menu is set-up to reflect the natural progression of knowledge learned in massage school.  Swedish and Deep Tissue are the building blocks as we learn about the body and the techniques that work best to relief tension and stress.  From there, we will add more advance and specialty modalities that will expand our understanding of the mind and body, and ways to optimally integrate them to give us the best chance at adapting to everyday stress and changes. 

Simple changes will often garner big results.



Swedish is one of the most basic massage modalities with some of the most basic techniques; yet, it is also one of the most effective in relieving tension and stress.  This is a full body massage performed with lubrication (oil or lotion) on a massage table.  Clients will be cocoon in luxurious sheets and blankets at all time

Offerred in 40, 60, 75, and 90 minutes session.

Add warm stone treatment - $10

Add aromatherapy and hot towels treatment - $10

Add full-body scrub - $10

Add full-body body brushing - $7



Therapist will work  on series of reflex points on your hands and feet specific to you to facilitate overall health and stimulates healthy functioning of your viscera. After one session, you will feel profoundly relaxing and revitalizing.

Offerred in 20 and 40 minutes sessions.

Add 20 minutes massage - $24

Add aromatherapy and hot towels treatment - $7

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue has the same benefits as swedish only more in terms of the quality and quantity of those benefits. Often, the tensions and stress are stored within the deeper layers of muscles and fascias.  So, if you like receiving swedish but sometime feels like there are still tensions that cannot be released, then you should book a deep tissue sessions.

Offerred in 60, 75, and 90 minutes for ful body sessions.

40 minutes session is only for concentration on specific area.

Add full-body scrub- $10

Add aromatherapy and hot towels treatment - $10


Express Session

Fully clothed table massage design to give you an extra boost in energy and stress relief when you are short in time.

Offerred in 20 minutes sessions.

Add aromatherapy and hot towels treatment - $7

Advanced and Specialty modalities

Deep Tissue and NMT

Building on the foundation established in deep tissue, we will integrate various neuromuscular therapy techniques to leverage the most from your postures to give you more ease, more strength, more range of motion,... Basically, just more!

Medical Massage

Base upon the works of Dr. Turchaninov, this is a comprehensive approach to treating somatic ailments in sub-acute and acute cases.  The protocol sets out by Dr. Turchaninov seamlessly incorporates massage as a natural course of treatment within modern medicine.  You will need a doctor note/prescriptions and a brief consultation with us before booking the appointment.


"A businessman needs a laptop.  Athletes need massages and the right diet." Lolo Jones

Massage is necessary to maintain performance, improve performance, prevent injuries, and improve recovery time.  If you want to perform at your best, you must seriously consider incorporating massage as part of your training and recovery.  

Visceral Manipulation

It is found that 90% of neuromuscular dysfunction has a visceral component.  Therefore, in order to receive the most benefits from manual therapy, you have to pay careful attention to the healthy functioning of your viscera.  Visceral manipulation will help with many visceral related problems such as acid reflux, stress, difficulty breathing, abdominal and back pain, constipation, weak core, and loss of appetite. 
*  Viscera: soft internal organs of the body

Craniosacral Therapy

The goal of craniosacral therapy is to release fascial restrictions that surround the central nervous system; this will help improve the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and undo deeply imbedded pattern of stress, injuries, and/or trauma.  This therapy is a subtle yet powerful form of self-awareness and healing. The recipient will experience many benefits to his/her emotional, physical, and psychological well-being.